The Soaring Twenties


A couple of months ago I posted “Getting to the Top.”  Of course I’m not there yet …  I’m still inspired and I’m still climbing.  But in thinking about the end of one decade and being on the cusp of embarking on a new one, I thought the epithet, “Soaring Twenties,” sounded good.

My college sorority had a motto, “Together Let Us Seek the Heights.”  It sounds a little old fashioned, but the sentiment is perfect.  Let’s support one another to reach our goals, let’s extend a hand through networking,  a referral,  a like, a follow or just being generous and kind.

We all have dreams of soaring – achieving goals and feeling a sense of accomplishment.  And since “success” means something a little bit different for everyone, I wish for you all the joy of reaching the heights.  May you glide to the top with ease.  And if there are challenges, let them be the obstacles that spur you on to even higher peaks.  May you always enjoy good health and supportive and loving relationships!  Happy New Year and Cheers to the Soaring Twenties!